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Truck-Cat Finished (for now)

You can spend forever adding details to a model, and I will be detailing this one, as the opportunities present themselves. But for now, it’s finished. This, of course, means that I took too many pictures. All outdoor shots!


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Cagey Beast

Short post this time. The truck-cat’s chase rack is finished, with all the light bar mounting brackets, and tie down eyelets in place.


Sanded, and ready for paint:



It’s since been painted with the same satin black Rustoleum I painted the rear slider bar with. At this point, it’s just a matter of finishing the light bars, and getting them wired in. Hopefully, I’ll have the light bars finished, within the next couple of days. Most of what needs to be done on them is trivial. There are some side boards for the bed rails I want to make, but they’re not vital.


The Truck-Cat Lives

Finally getting close to finishing this thing. Mostly need to finish the new chase rack and the light bars. The rack is just set in place, in these pictures. I was more and more unhappy with the first one I built. It doesn’t have mounting feet, yet. It still needs tabs to attach the light bars, and I want to add some small tie downs to it. Those will probably just be little tabs, with holes in them for hooks or scale rope. Still need to get the fuel filler painted, too.



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Old Times: Part Deux

Did you know that Windows has a built in backup, that can create and restore a disk image? Pity it also has to completely wipe the existing partitioning to do it. Doesn’t matter if you’re only trying to restore a single partition…. Continue reading ‘Old Times: Part Deux’


Just Like Old Times

Well, this is fun? No. Fun’s not the right word. This is interesting. And, I’d put in a relevant clip from Firefly right there, but I don’t think I can use YouTube, right now.

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Another Truck-Cat Update

I should have numbered these….

I built a slider bar for the back of the chassis, to prevent tearing up the body, when the truck drops off of things. I built it to extend past where the bumper will be, and kick up at the end to come up behind the bumper. That kick at the end, gives me a place to attach a couple of D-ring tabs from Mad Dog RC. To those, I bolted some King Kong mini tow shackles, from RC4WD.


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Small Transformers Review

Because, I’m reviewing small Transformers. 😉


I’ve gotten a few of the current Legends class TFs, lately. These are rapidly becoming my favorite size class. This will be covering Powerglide, Windcharger, and Bombshell from the Combiner Wars sub-line.


3_legends1 3_legends2

Alternate modes are all fairly solid. Powerglide’s is the weakest, but he’s also a triple changer. He has a gun mode, that I’ll touch on later.

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I’m Still Here

No pictures, this time through. I just felt the need to post something. Real life kind of hit me upside the head, so I’ve not felt like working on much of anything, for last month or so. Most of my energy has gone towards expanding my comic into a couple of side comics. Comic Press is kind of clumsy, with multi-comic sites, and converting the site over to a network was a massive pain. Nothing ever seems to work the way it’s supposed to.


I’m back to working on the RC truck-cat thing, however slowly. Just trying to get the body painted, right now. Spent a few hours last night replacing the brake pads on the thing with new ones cut from a Formica sample. (Matte finished travertine, it was all Lowe’s had in the sample rack.) I’m hoping the more slippery surface will help tame the steering. The super thick diff oil has helped, but stainless steel pads on stainless steel disks lack finesse. The steering goes abruptly from wide, gradual turn to a snap turn with one track locked up.


I guess, there’s a reason differential breaking fell out of favor on full-sized tracked vehicles. I have ideas in my head involving cut down crawler axles driven by two 55 or 80 turn motors. But, lets not go there.


Still Truckin’

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Swerve’s Angels



Been meaning to take this picture, for nearly a month. These TFs are all fairly current, depending on how well your local store stocks. (mine seems to do so, only begrudgingly) Left to right, across the back we have Chromia, Windblade, and Arcee. The guy with the goofy grin is Swerve.


WARNING: Somehow, this post turned into mini reviews of the figures in the picture.

I like swerve, a lot more than I should. His transformation isn’t very involved; not only does he not have ankles, he doesn’t even have a swivel joint in his legs; the range of motion in his shoulders is restricted by his sculpt, and his pickup truck mode has a bed full of robot legs. I’m also more of a fan of blue, than red. And yet, I really like this guy. He’s kind of fun, and he’s got gobs of personality. It’s not just his silly smirk. His overall build and proportions just seem to ooze personality. He’s got body language, just standing there. His truck mode looks good, too.


Chromia and Arcee are pretty good too. Well articulated, with good proportions, and nicely involved transformations. Arcee is supposed to be based on the one from the current comic books from IDW, but her head is very much modeled on the 80s cartoon character. In fact, she pretty much looks like she walked right out of the animated movie. The only real fault I have with her, is a QC issue on mine. The wrap around part on the driver’s side of her windshield is missing. It looks like the mold didn’t fill all the way. I’ll probably make a new one, out of Lexan. My current radio control project has left me with plenty of it. (RC for Arcee?) OH! Her elbows have a near human range of motion. The bend so far, she can get her wrists very close to her shoulders. This with a single hinge, and no compromise to the sculpt to allow for it. It’s not even necessary for her transformation.


Not much to say about Chromia, other than I like her. Her vehicle mode is a bit odd. Looks like it’s based on the motorcycle guy from the Technobots, back in the day, with a little old school Tron light-cycle thrown in for good measure. Robot mode looks good, though there is a bit of back kibble; mostly just a wheel and canopy. Not as bad as Arcee, who wears most of her vehicle mode on her back. Despite having narrower shoulders than Arcee, Chromia is a little more imposing looking, with her bulkier, armored looking forearms and lower legs. And, I really dig her color scheme.


Windblade…. Y’know, I want to like her. She looks great in robot mode, and her vehicle mode’s not too bad. It’s the obvious robot shins and feet on the back of a jet that throw me off. I love that she’s a V/STOL. Thrust was always the one Decepti-jet that I really wanted, when I was a kid. Windblade has a similar lifting fan setup going on. It’s too bad that she’s a floppy mess. Sometimes, her vehicle mode will peg together just right, but often things just don’t quite line up. The entire front of her torso is hinged at the waist, and that hinge is pretty loose. It doesn’t peg into anything, and her arms are connected to it. It makes keeping her robot mode together interesting. The same piece is the bottom of her jet mode, but her arms keep it in place. If, you can get them tucked in where they go. She also doesn’t stand up very well. She has tiny feet, and instead of heel spurs like the other gals have, Windblade has stiletto heels. The heels fold into the feet for vehicle mode, and their hinges aren’t very tight. This leads to some balance issues. I just find handling her to be really annoying. The functional scabbard, with it’s multiple locations to peg into her robot mode is pretty boss, though.



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