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Eyelashes are supposed to keep things from falling into your eyes. Why do I have to keep fishing them out of my eyes?


Random Thought

What if the wolf was an innocent land owner, and the three little pigs were illegal squatters, who made themselves out to be the victims, to anyone who listen?


Greetings, from the Swamp

So, that post I made, about all that water coming down in such a short period time? Apparently, there’s a price to paid, for finding fascination in such things.


postcard1 Continue reading ‘Greetings, from the Swamp’


The One Day Flood

This all happened from a single cloud burst, that lasted maybe an hour, if that. It’s that short period of time that it happened in, that makes it interesting, not its severity. We’ve had worse, and it’s pretty mild, by most people’s standards for a flood, I think. So, when I “flood” I basically mean “the low part of the back yard turned into a swamp, again.” Continue reading ‘The One Day Flood’


Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.

1/18 scale action figures made with customizers in mind? Yes please! Boss Fight Studio has a new line of highly articulated action figures coming out.



Cool, yeah? They’re designed to come apart without too much trouble, but not fall apart from just handling them. Given that I make custom figures, I’m all over these. There’s a Kickstarter going for it, right now. It’s funded, but there are still stretch goals to meet.  And, they don’t just have undecorated blanks, either. They’ve got Spartans in full hoplite armor, along with other ancient Greek warriors. (Yes, you can get 300 Spartans) At 700 backers, they’ll add Amazons to the mix. You know what else they have?







Check out those articulated tails. I need this in my life. One of the stretch goals is articulated skeletons. Get your Harryhausen on!


They’re not just sticking to Greco-Roman mythology. They’ve shown previews for half-orcs, and phoenix knights. And, a robot. There’s a retro sci-fi line planned, alongside the mythology and fantasy. Yeah, I’m looking forward to these. A lot of other 1/18 scale customizers are. Any of this sound interesting to you? Then hit that Kickstarter! I don’t back many Kickstarters, (this is my second) but I’ve backed this one. I hope you will too.


Makin’ Things to Make Things

For several years now, I’ve been using a small tool that I built. Originally, I just wanted something I could use to apply small amounts of glue to things, without constantly replacing a toothpick. I had a push-pin, that was falling apart, from being heated up over a candle, to melt plastic with the tip. I took the metal bit out of the push pin, and jammed it into a piece of plastic tube. Eventually, I glued a length of brass rod into the other end of the tube, and filled the end into something of a chisel. It was perfect for reaming out holes to accept that size rod, for hinges or reinforcement. Another, larger piece of tube was glued on over the original, to provide an easier to hold handle. This eventually gave way to a second tool, made from a single piece of brass, with both ends filed; one into a tapered tip, the other into a chisel. That second tool served me well for quite some time, but the plastic was beginning to fall apart, and I eventually put an irreparable kink in the long end of the brass. It was replaced by a slightly longer duplicate.


Now, this tool gets used quite a bit, possibly more than any of my other tools. The short pointed end gets used for applying small amounts of glue or oil to various projects, and for putting model putty just where I need it and smoothing it out. The chisel end has been great for carving out narrow trenches in plastic, when I need a slot. But, brass bends easily, and doesn’t hold an edge well. I prefer the tapered end to be somewhat blunt, but the chisel end is effectively a cutting tool. I’d been wanting to make one with a harder central shaft. (Oh gods, the search hits that phrase is going to get me….)


Anyway, I was using some of the larger size of piano wire I keep around on a project. I’d ruled this out for making a tool out of, because I thought it was too narrow. While it is narrower than the brass I’ve been using, it actually fit very well into the small styrene tube I use. With the brass, I always had to bore the tube out just a little bit to fit. This is not as easy as it sounds. At least, not with the tools I have on hand. The piano wire filed easily enough, and readily took on a much sharper edge, than the brass ever would. In fact, the tapered end is a bit sharper than I’d like. I’ve already had a chance to use this new tool on a couple of projects, with different materials. It’s even more useful than the old ones. That sharp chisel end not only digs and cuts much better, but it’s also great at removing burs from soft plastic after I’ve been grinding on them with a moto-tool. The old ones were never very good at that.



From top to bottom, is the original tool (mk.1), the replacement for the second tool (mk.2.1), and the new one, with the piano wire core (mk.3) laying on a one inch grid.


My Hat

A few years back, I started thinking I’d like to get a fedora, instead of always wearing a baseball cap. In late 2012, I finally got sick enough the caps to actually get a fedora. It helped that I found one for less than $60 after shipping. It was a cheap wool felt job, but it let me know if it was something I would actually wear. Wear it, I did. For Christmas, I got a hat a little more to my liking; fur felt with a slightly narrower brim. Unfortunately, the pictures online lied. 042




The the ribbon on it was roughly the same color as the felt. I’m not a huge fan of gray ribbons on gray hats. Doing a little research (and little is how I often research) I found out that you can’t just pop into the local fabric or department store and grab some grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon used on hats is made from different fibers, and has properties the regular stuff lacks. Properties you need to get the ribbon laying right against the crown of the hat. I found some online, but had to get 50 yard spools of the ribbons I wanted. I’m never going to own that many hats….


Anyway, got all the stuff needed (really could have used a curved needle, though)and found a tutorial for making bows on hats, as well as a bow design that I liked. Ironically, the bow design I used is from a different model hat from the same company that made this one. I found a few tips and pointers on prepping the ribbon, and found out that the liner in the hat was easily removed. Excellent! So, I finally went to town, on it.




The ribbon is navy blue, with a narrow strip of baby blue ribbon down the middle of the knot. The knot stripe was not in the ribbon that inspired me. It was just something I wanted to do. For that knot, the navy ribbon was folded over so that the left edge (as it sits on the hat) overlapped the right edge, slightly. The lighter ribbon is basically just tucked under that upper edge of the darker ribbon. There’s a couple of stitches tacking it together on the back side, where it doesn’t show. That baby blue ribbon is quite a bit narrower than the navy blue. There’s probably less than four inches of that baby blue ribbon there, I’ve got a 50 yard spool of it….


The ribbon sits just as nicely as the old one did, and my tacking stitches holding it on are ,honestly, less noticeable than the factory stitches. The bow itself isn’t quite perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it. It was certainly frustrating enough, getting it sitting right. It’s not just a hat, now. Now, it’s MY hat. halm


Not sure if I’m gonna keep the feathers in it. Not sure it really needs the extra color, with the new ribbon.


The Flood

From time to time, we get enough rain in a short period to cause the low area between three locals hills to fill with water. This wouldn’t be a huge problem, save for a couple of minor details. The road (two of them, actually) goes through it, and my house is built in it. The neighbor’s house is also built in it, and it’s in a lower spot than mine.

So, we had a bit of snow recently, and then it warmed up. Most of the snow melted. Then, we had two or three days of constant rain. It melted the rest of the snow. Between the snow and the rain, the ground had all it could it take. The local pond came back. These pictures were taken from just past the end of my driveway. (The big pine tree and the overgrown bush is my yard)

flood2_2 flood2_1 flood2_3

The neighbor can’t even get to his driveway. The small road to the right is a single lane, and a FedEx driver thought he was going to make a U-turn in it. He sank up to his chassis in my yard. When the tow truck was trying to pull him out, FedEx kept turning his wheels the wrong way, landing him back in the yard.

Water was rushing into the sump hole, from at least Saturday, until well into Monday night. As of typing this, it’s just trickling in, so the sump pump isn’t in a constant on off cycle, anymore. I don’t know what happened to the rabbits that live under the pine tree.


Hard day’s night- Finished

No rant this time, just artwork. Finished up that picture from the last time, shaded the stuff I’d missed, and tweaked a couple things that weren’t quite working for me. Even did up a second version, with a few colors picked out. (through the magic of digital editing)









Hard Day’s Night

I’ve been feeling burnt out and constrained by the web comic I’ve been doing for 11 years. My artwork has progressed disturbingly little in the decade, and there are things about the comic I’ve never really been happy with, as far the setting and stories go. I just recently finished the longest chapter in the comic so far, to bring in some of the things I’ve felt have been missing, but I still find myself actively avoiding working on the comic. Part of the problem is that I made the mistake at the beginning of doing it in color. I have never been overly fond of coloring things on the computer. I find it tedious. Maybe, if I had one of those expensive Wacom Cintiq tablets, it wouldn’t be so bad, those are much more like working on a traditional artist’s tablet. But, all I have is an aging Intous2. (It still serves me well, by the way.) My medium has always been pencils. Not even colored pencils, though I’ve played with those before, too. Just regular old black graphite.


So, I’ve been thinking about a reboot, and with it a change in art style. Most of the work would be done in pencil, with minimal cleanup in the computer. I’d be spending a lot more time on pencils, but I think I’d be happier. Just thinking about doing this drastic overhaul to my comic seems to have broken some bond in my mind. I’m no longer avoiding drawing. In fact, I’ve done a number of character sketches over the past few days. Some of them, are even relevant to the comic. And then, and then I did this:



This is the comic’s main character, Angelline. This would be her rebooted version, getting ready for bed, after a long day/mission. This is about as suggestive, as I get with this character. The real point is, I haven’t done this kind of pencil shading, in about twenty years. I also rarely draw backgrounds. This is what just thinking about rebooting my comic has done for me.


Wow. I just wanted to show off that picture, then I wound up venting. Sorry about that. Enjoy the disrobing catgirl. Unless, you don’t like “furry art.” Then, enjoy the rant. 😉



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