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Nacelle and Stuff

After last week’s disaster, I have that Exeter style nacelle in presentable shape.


Speaking of its shape, I’ve realized that the lower/inner of the two shroud like shapes on it doesn’t come up quite as high as it should. It should be domed up a little higher. Doing that, will mean that I’ll have to resculpt part of the upper/outer shroud. *shrugs* I already had to sculpt part of the Bussard collector, despite having originally shaped it out of styrene. In fact, that’s the third collector I made. The first one was too short (front to back) and after I got the second made to the proper length, I realized that it was too thin. The third one looked fine, until I started sculpting the shrouds. Then, I realized that it was still too thin. So the upper half of it wound up being sculpted. Anyway, even with the extra sculpting it still needs, it doesn’t really need much more work. Then, I can screw it up by adding parts to create a sprue and venting, for mold making. The black sections in the picture are thin styrene sheet, that I used to build out from the part that’s supposed to be recessed. That recessed area is made from scribed styrene to give the horizontal lines that the nacelles have there. I need to add one more narrow strip to each side, at the back. The recessed parts aren’t supposed to extend all the way to the back


Work continues on the Enterprise, too. I’ve finally got the deflector grid lines where I want them. They’re not quite perfect, mostly due to me rescribing some of them two or three times.  I’ve also added recessed docking ports to the sides of the engineering hull, the sides of the torpedo blister on the neck, and the back of the bridge module, on the saucer. Got the shuttle bay doors sculpted, too. Their shape in the original kit was pretty far off from the filming model. I only scribed in about half the lines in the doors, because the lines between on the filming model are thinner. It looks like each segment is made of two panels. Those other panel lines are just too fine to be seen at this scale. I’ve been trying to make the impulse engine assembly on the back of the saucer more accurate, and now I just need to finish cleaning up the top of the neck, just under the saucer.


I’ve said in the past that the model has been broken down into subassemblies, but my pictures always show it intact. The saucer is one piece. as is the engineering hull and neck. The nacelle pylons and the section of engineering hull between them is the last piece. That last one is the only one that’s basically the same as it was in the original kit. They all stay together by friction, more or less.


Still Here

I haven’t forgotten this place. Not yet. I may have a short attention span, but it’s not that sh…. OOH SHINY!

Anyway. I was planning to post more work on the 1/2500 Constitution model. The main thing I’ve gotten done recently is work on an Exeter class style nacelle, the modified ship I want to build. Unfortunately, my first attempt at building up the side detail failed spectacularly, and I had to start over again. The second one is going better, and I hope to have pictures of it up, no later than the weekend.

I hope….


Little Enterprise 1

For the past few years or so, I’ve been making customized action figures; usually GI Joes, but always 1/18 scale. Before that, it was Transformers.

Lately, however, I’ve been revisiting some old models I have lying around. Specifically, I have the old AMT 1:2500 scale set of three Enterprises. I’m currently working to rehabilitate and improve the TOS and movie style ships. In my younger days the paint I put on these little ships was just horrid. I’ve broken them down into workable sub assemblies, and begun to replace the factory raised panel lines with scribed lines. I’m hoping to be able to make molds from the parts, so I can make some custom ships. I have one in mind, based on the Constitution refit (movie Enterprise) so it’s the model I’ve been focusing on.



The pictures show me that the vertical line that runs around the front of the engineering hull, isn’t as lined up above and below the sensor blister as I it looks to the naked eye. I’ll have to fill that in, and rescribe it. I’m not showing the other side of the engineering hull, due to all the rescribed lines it’s got. It’ll be fine after paint. Mr. Surfacer hides a multitude of sins. Some of it is already visible on top of the saucer, where those lines didn’t always come out right the first time.



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