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The Intervention

Don’t you hate it when you’re working on something, minding your own business, and someone has to come along and disturb you. “You haven’t eaten in five days. Step away from the dozens of unfinished projects, and eat a sammich.” It’s always something….




Works in Progress


I have this bad habit of starting one project, before I finish the previous one. It doesn’t help that I often work at a rate that can almost be described in geological terms. This leaves me with a lot of things sitting around in an unfinished state, sometimes for years. The two figures in the back are victims of that. The painted figure is only recently finished. It’s the human form of my werewolf “Greyryder” character. He’s supposed to look like me, but all my attempts to cut scale glasses out of clear plastic failed, and I hate sculpted on glasses. They never look right. I tend to go with the smallest frames I can find, so trying to make something roughly twice the size of  those little reading glasses they sell in stores in 1/18 scale is a challenge. Keep in mind, I’ll need multiples. There’s an unjacketed version not in the picture that I’m still working on, and in fact started before the one in the picture. I’m also working on a swappable head with a baseball cap sculpted on.

Now, a lot of the ships in this picture are “casual” builds. Most of them will just get cleaned up, built mostly out of the box, painted, and decalled. There’s a second one of the TOS Enterprises that will be getting modified, molds made, and parts cast so I can build a better Enterprise, and other ships from that era. I’m also planning an improved movie style Enterprise, and I’ve nearly finished the nacelles. The Enterprise B in the back will be getting some minor improvements, before I’m ready to paint it. Like my Hobb Creek, it’ll have its Aztec patterns painted in clear coat, rather than the screen accurate ILM mottle.

The heads near the front are modified castings. Optimus is cast from a Reveal the Shield G2 style Optimus Prime, and is being modified to be based (if a bit loosely) on the Alternators Prime head. It’ll be an alternate head for the “Joeformer” Prime I made a while back. The head next to it is spliced together from two different Snake Eyes heads. Actually, one was a Snake Eyes disquise Zartan head. I’ll be sculpting over it to make a head based on some concept images I’ve seen from G.I. Joe: Retalliation. Next to them is a narrow pack for a G.I. Joe Duke I’m working on. I started out trying to imitate the one that comes with the Sideshow made Duke, the more I looked at it, the less sense its construction made to me. One of the problems of only have internet sourced reference pictures, I guess. I wound up just making my own design.

The two unfinished figures are spiced together from various source figures, ground down with a moto-tool, and sculpted over. The one on the Left side of the picture is Hellchick V2, an unproduced player model for Quake 4, and very different from the Hellchick model released for Quake 3. Her design comes from (NSFW warning, there’s some gory creatures and topless women among the artwork.) I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep her topless, like the source art shows her. Maybe I’m just a prude, but I’m not sure I’m ready to have an anatomically correct figure in my collection. I started making her mostly as an excercise in detail sculpting. She’s got a lot of straps buckles and hardware on her, that I wanted to try my hand at sculpting, without making them too thick or course. It’s actually her gauntlet and the broken off horns on the right side of her head. The horns I’m just having trouble keeping the shape of what’s still there to match the whole horns on the other side of her head. The two headed thing on the other side is an original design. It’s supposed to be Gigeresque, but I’ve never been good at surface detail in any of my art. That’s been a big stumbling block, for me.

Other things that aren’t in this picture are a “Joeformer” Wheeljack, that was started well before Optimus was. There’s also two figures that are meant to be the siblings of the first G.I. Joe figure I customized, A version of the catgirl from my webcomic. They’re mostly waiting on accessories. There’s the Atomic Robo figure I haven’t even started sculpting on, yet. As far as heavily sculpted figures go, I’ve also got my “Demon King” character, who’s supposed to be sort of an armored mutant cyborg werejackal sort of thing. His base frame has been mostly assembled, I just have to design some armor for him, so I can get started sculpting him. I just want something more detailed/ornate than I usually come up with. Got a lot of ideas in my head for figures I’d like to make, but haven’t started on; two different werewolves, a 1/18 less stylized Xevoz Moon Stalker, a satyr girl, and the woman who rejected the Demon King. Probably some others, that have slipped my mind, too.

And then, there’s the diorama stuff I want to build….


That’s Just Prime


Yes, I made a G.I. Joe version of Optimus Prime. He’s made from parts from two different figures, from the two Joe movies, with hands from Cobra Commander, from the second movie. The hands have been ball jointed on the ends of Lego levers. The head is a casting, made from a War for Cybertron Optimus Prime figure. The neck is made from an elbow off of a Star Wars figure. After taking the pictures, I realized that I need to get more flat clear on his lower legs. They’re not supposed to be shiny. The jacket, however, is supposed to be shiny. The torso section of the jacket is made from red vinyl tape. I remove the adhesive with Goo Gone, then glued it together with a fabric glue called Instant Vinyl. I started with superglue, but the parts would just peel apart. The “vest” and the arms were both painted with Model Master guard’s red.

I’ve made a conscious decision that any Transformer turned Joe figures I make will not obviously be man sized mechs or humans dressed like TF characters. The ambiguity keeps a little bit of a mystery around them.

The gun is an AA12 automatic shotgun, with a removable drum magazine. It’s made by Marauder Gun Runners. Most of my custom figures get armed by Marauder. I love their removable magazines, but the AA12’s tends to pop out, if you look at it funny. I was able to modify it, by adding a very small tab to the top back of the magazine, and carving out a notch for it, in the back of the mag well. Most of their removable magazines stay in very well. The AA12 is one of very few exception in their line up.

A few more pictures, taken before I remembered to reset my camera’s white balance. They’re a little washed out:

joe_prime1 joe_prime2 joe_prime3 joe_prime4

If you look close, you can see one of the Lego levers I used to attach the hands. I hadn’t glued them into the arms yet, when these pictures were taken. That’s since been corrected, and the post is no longer visible.


The Garage

So, I’ve been working on a garage/workshop backdrop for the Infinitely Variable Diorama. Normally, I make these things out of foam core. On this one, I was worried about warping causing problems. Foam core pretty much always warps, though the few pieces I recently picked up at the craft store seem to be a lot flatter than what I usually find at the local wal-mart, despite being the same brand.

Anyway…. This one’s made from Masonite. (or “hard board” as the local home improvement place calls it) There’s a little sheet styrene, some necklace chain, and the brick is printed out from a program called Brick Yard. Other backdrops I’ve made, have used the Model Builder program, elsewhere on that site. The roll up door doesn’t actually work, it slides out, and a partial door can be slid in, in its place. The box that would hide the roll up mechanism, were it real, is attached to the backdrop by two small neodymium magnets. That way, the backdrop can still be stored relatively flat.




Apologies to anyone who has updates set to send them emails. I botched a few things, getting this one posted.



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