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Hey! A new post, and it’s not about RC cars. What’s going on, here?


So, I backed that Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter, and I finally got my Medusa. I’d always hoped to set up a fight scene, with her and my custom “Greyryder” werewolf. Her tail construction is inspired, and I had to see if I could have her wrapped around him. Not only can she hold herself on him, but he can support their combined weight, and do it stably. So, I took a bunch of pictures of them, that pose. B) I edited glowing eyes into all the pictures.



This was set up for a “technical difficulties” picture, so there’s a knocked over TV camera, in the foreground.

The rest of these, are shot with the diorama set up for forest scenery.





Budget being what it is, I was only able to get in for a single figure. I went for Medusa, but that coral snake gorgon was sure tempting. I’ve got one of those pre-ordered, now that the Bossfight store, is live. Gonna have to get a couple skeletons eventually, too.


Review, incoming:

I’ve only got the one figure, but I’m really impressed with her. All the materials feel high quality. The PVC /vinyl (the softer plastic used in modern action figures) is dense, and not overly floppy. It’s not sticky, either. Sometimes, that’s a problem with vinyl. The tail is a series of ball-and-socket joints. They’re made of a long wearing engineering plastic, which is another common material in modern action figures, but I’ve got some with this type of socket made from ABS, which not only wears faster, it can be brittle. Medusa doesn’t seem to have any ABS in her, but it doesn’t detract from the figure, at all.


The sockets in Medusa’s tail are slotted on two sides, for greater range of motion. The outer skin of the tail is more PVC, and can rotate independently of the internal skeleton. More ball-and-socket joints are present at her pelvis and mid torso. Both joints have an incredible range of motion. They both manage to get roughly 45º off center, forward and back, and have good side to side motion, as well. The head sits on two ball-and-socket joints, with the neck ending in a socket, and a second socket in the head, with a barbel looking piece, between.


The shoulders, elbows, and wrists all have swivel-hinge joints. (I’ve seen these called ball joints before, hence my calling the actual ball joints “ball-and-socket” joints) She comes with two sets of hands, one with the wrists oriented 90º off from the others. This gives you one set of hands set up for waving motion, and one set up for a chopping motion. They’re molded with a good C-grip, so can hold her weapons, securely. The H.A.C.K.S. line is designed to be modular and easily customized, so all of the joints are easy to remove, with loosening anything up. They stay in securely, and all the joints have just the right amount of tension, to move smoothly, but stay where they’re put.


The sculpting and detail are exquisite, on both the figure and the accessories. Her dagger and whip are delicate looking snake bone constructs. She does have a place to store her dagger, but I find that it bends it. I left it out in the photos, because I’ve decided that the whip is a powered up version of the dagger. I’ve probably watched too much anime…. Her armor is equally well detailed, with fine scroll work. All the armor is removable, but still thin enough, to not look out of scale.


Really happy with the figure, and I look forward to getting more, from this line. I’m hoping Boss Fight will make more fantasy creatures.



April 2016

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