A burst of activity, and then I go silent again, huh? I really need to work on that.

Anyway, remember those brake shoes I made? The old ones weren’t the problem. Aw well, I still figured a better way to cut the new ones, doing that. The problem was the aluminum collars that the brake disks ride on. Each collar has two flat sides. The flats being how force from the disks is transferred to the collars and axles. As I said, the collars are aluminum. The disks are stainless steel, and it’s their edges that press on the collars.

Anybody seeing a problem here?

Yeah, so the collars had V-shaped grooves worn in them. The left side was bad enough, that the disk was getting stuck in it. I filed the sides of the grooves to shallower angles, so the disks could ride out of the valleys easier. Then, I swapped the collars between the left and right sides of the truck, since they wear on opposite sides of the flats. This has cured the problem, until I can get new ones ordered. Probably gonna do that, in a week or two. (parts for this thing are cheap, but those aren’t the only ones I’ve worn out.) This week, I just ordered a dual motor driver for a model tank I converted to RC years ago. I’m looking forward to driving that again, with a better control setup, than its current kludged together conversion.

Me and tracked vehicles….

I’m still happy with my new radio. I know it’s only been a couple of weeks so far, but there’s been no sign of the controls going south. And, I’m still driving it nearly every night. Braking in a set of new brake shoes means I’m adjusting the dual rate every two or three days. All the buttons being programmable means I can keep the dual rate control conveniently located. I’ve settled on the largest grip on it. I’ve never been a big dude, but most pistol grip RC transmitter handles have always felt a little small, to me. The largest grip just feels best, to my hand.



September 2015

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