Just Like Old Times

Well, this is fun? No. Fun’s not the right word. This is interesting. And, I’d put in a relevant clip from Firefly right there, but I don’t think I can use YouTube, right now.


Yeah, I’m on my old computer. I built this thing back around 2001. It’s been upgraded quite a bit since then, but there’s only so much you can do with an old Athlon XP machine. Why, you ask, am I using this old antique? That’s a funny story.


Well, it’s a story..


See, my current computer, that I built back in ’09, (I don’t get a chance to build new computers, very often) has been running out of hard drive space, I thought 50 gigs would be more than enough, for Windows, and the programs I install. Games all go to another partition, and other files get saved on a couple of others.


Anyway, I got a new hard drive, and set aside 200 gigabytes for Windows. (My first terabyte drive, woo!) Then, I set about trying to clone the old partition over to the new drive. Macrium Reflect threw up some vague error messages, and refused to do the job. Glad I was using the free version. So, I set up Clonezilla Live on a thumb drive, and tried that. Still no joy, but at least Clonezilla told me why. Bad sectors.


So that’s where all my hard drive space was going.


Upon telling me that my hard drive had bad sectors, Clonezilla advised me to back up my data as soon as possible. What did it think I was trying to do!?


You Clonezilla guys wouldn’t know of a program that would do that, would you? 😉


One of the places I keep my files, is the second partition on my main drive. Yeah, the same one that’s showing bad sectors. Since I can’t get cloning software to work, I’m manually copying everything over. I’ve decided that maybe I should refrain from listening to music, or surfing the web, while that’s going on. It’s nearly three hundred gigabytes, and then I still need to back up some stuff from the C: drive.


The progress bar is halfway across now. So, yay?


I admit it, I’m writing this, to kill time. I needed to post an update, anyway.


Once I have everything that I can backed up, I’m going to run Checkdisk. Or, Scandisk, or whatever’s it’s called. I’m hoping that will let me clone the Windows partition, and I won’t have to do a fresh install. I hate trying to get everything back the way I had it, tracking down drivers and software. And, every installation seems to have its own quirks. I really hate reinstalling Windows. Really.



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