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A few years back, I started thinking I’d like to get a fedora, instead of always wearing a baseball cap. In late 2012, I finally got sick enough the caps to actually get a fedora. It helped that I found one for less than $60 after shipping. It was a cheap wool felt job, but it let me know if it was something I would actually wear. Wear it, I did. For Christmas, I got a hat a little more to my liking; fur felt with a slightly narrower brim. Unfortunately, the pictures online lied. 042




The the ribbon on it was roughly the same color as the felt. I’m not a huge fan of gray ribbons on gray hats. Doing a little research (and little is how I often research) I found out that you can’t just pop into the local fabric or department store and grab some grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon used on hats is made from different fibers, and has properties the regular stuff lacks. Properties you need to get the ribbon laying right against the crown of the hat. I found some online, but had to get 50 yard spools of the ribbons I wanted. I’m never going to own that many hats….


Anyway, got all the stuff needed (really could have used a curved needle, though)and found a tutorial for making bows on hats, as well as a bow design that I liked. Ironically, the bow design I used is from a different model hat from the same company that made this one. I found a few tips and pointers on prepping the ribbon, and found out that the liner in the hat was easily removed. Excellent! So, I finally went to town, on it.




The ribbon is navy blue, with a narrow strip of baby blue ribbon down the middle of the knot. The knot stripe was not in the ribbon that inspired me. It was just something I wanted to do. For that knot, the navy ribbon was folded over so that the left edge (as it sits on the hat) overlapped the right edge, slightly. The lighter ribbon is basically just tucked under that upper edge of the darker ribbon. There’s a couple of stitches tacking it together on the back side, where it doesn’t show. That baby blue ribbon is quite a bit narrower than the navy blue. There’s probably less than four inches of that baby blue ribbon there, I’ve got a 50 yard spool of it….


The ribbon sits just as nicely as the old one did, and my tacking stitches holding it on are ,honestly, less noticeable than the factory stitches. The bow itself isn’t quite perfect, but I’m pretty happy with it. It was certainly frustrating enough, getting it sitting right. It’s not just a hat, now. Now, it’s MY hat. halm


Not sure if I’m gonna keep the feathers in it. Not sure it really needs the extra color, with the new ribbon.



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