Hard Day’s Night

I’ve been feeling burnt out and constrained by the web comic I’ve been doing for 11 years. My artwork has progressed disturbingly little in the decade, and there are things about the comic I’ve never really been happy with, as far the setting and stories go. I just recently finished the longest chapter in the comic so far, to bring in some of the things I’ve felt have been missing, but I still find myself actively avoiding working on the comic. Part of the problem is that I made the mistake at the beginning of doing it in color. I have never been overly fond of coloring things on the computer. I find it tedious. Maybe, if I had one of those expensive Wacom Cintiq tablets, it wouldn’t be so bad, those are much more like working on a traditional artist’s tablet. But, all I have is an aging Intous2. (It still serves me well, by the way.) My medium has always been pencils. Not even colored pencils, though I’ve played with those before, too. Just regular old black graphite.


So, I’ve been thinking about a reboot, and with it a change in art style. Most of the work would be done in pencil, with minimal cleanup in the computer. I’d be spending a lot more time on pencils, but I think I’d be happier. Just thinking about doing this drastic overhaul to my comic seems to have broken some bond in my mind. I’m no longer avoiding drawing. In fact, I’ve done a number of character sketches over the past few days. Some of them, are even relevant to the comic. And then, and then I did this:



This is the comic’s main character, Angelline. This would be her rebooted version, getting ready for bed, after a long day/mission. This is about as suggestive, as I get with this character. The real point is, I haven’t done this kind of pencil shading, in about twenty years. I also rarely draw backgrounds. This is what just thinking about rebooting my comic has done for me.


Wow. I just wanted to show off that picture, then I wound up venting. Sorry about that. Enjoy the disrobing catgirl. Unless, you don’t like “furry art.” Then, enjoy the rant. 😉



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