That’s Just Prime


Yes, I made a G.I. Joe version of Optimus Prime. He’s made from parts from two different figures, from the two Joe movies, with hands from Cobra Commander, from the second movie. The hands have been ball jointed on the ends of Lego levers. The head is a casting, made from a War for Cybertron Optimus Prime figure. The neck is made from an elbow off of a Star Wars figure. After taking the pictures, I realized that I need to get more flat clear on his lower legs. They’re not supposed to be shiny. The jacket, however, is supposed to be shiny. The torso section of the jacket is made from red vinyl tape. I remove the adhesive with Goo Gone, then glued it together with a fabric glue called Instant Vinyl. I started with superglue, but the parts would just peel apart. The “vest” and the arms were both painted with Model Master guard’s red.

I’ve made a conscious decision that any Transformer turned Joe figures I make will not obviously be man sized mechs or humans dressed like TF characters. The ambiguity keeps a little bit of a mystery around them.

The gun is an AA12 automatic shotgun, with a removable drum magazine. It’s made by Marauder Gun Runners. Most of my custom figures get armed by Marauder. I love their removable magazines, but the AA12’s tends to pop out, if you look at it funny. I was able to modify it, by adding a very small tab to the top back of the magazine, and carving out a notch for it, in the back of the mag well. Most of their removable magazines stay in very well. The AA12 is one of very few exception in their line up.

A few more pictures, taken before I remembered to reset my camera’s white balance. They’re a little washed out:

joe_prime1 joe_prime2 joe_prime3 joe_prime4

If you look close, you can see one of the Lego levers I used to attach the hands. I hadn’t glued them into the arms yet, when these pictures were taken. That’s since been corrected, and the post is no longer visible.




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